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Katelyn smith


What is the difference between double vision and ghosting?

Does people with ghosting feel the same as people with double vision? Are there any differences between double vision and ghosting?
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  • Tracy


    When you have the double vision, it may be caused by your tight nerves because of the hard work. You will see the things in the blurry state and see one thing in two ones. However, the ghosting symptom is the blurry vision of one thing. It is just not clear. There still exists the difference.
  • Faith cook


    Double vision is different from ghosting. Usually, people with double vision can feel two distinctive images that disturb people to get the right and correct vision.It can be caused by eye strain, drunk, tired etc. But Ghosting is a single eye issue. It often occur to people with astigmatism, cataract and corneal scar etc.