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Christian george


Are there side effects of anti glare glasses?

Are anti glare glasses really good? Is there any side side effect of them?
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  • enycelilmamii


    Well, it seems that you are quite interested in those anti glare glasses. So, as a matter of fact, the purpose of those glasses is to better protect our eyes against some harmful lights, such as UV beams, which could damage our eyes. So, by wearing those glasses , our eyes could be protected and we simply could see no side effects, but you should make sure that anti glare glasses are suitable for your eyes, just consult an eye doctor ok?
  • Joseph campbell


    Generally speaking, the anti glare glasses do much advantages for wearers. As we all know, the anti glare glasses are specially designed to relieve the eye strain and help wearers feel much comfortable. People's eyes are forced to stay at one same position after a long and constant looking. It is suggested to relax our eye muscles. Therefore, the anti glare glasses are the better choices now. What's more, the anti glare glasses are added much more benefits such as reducing the ultraviolet radiation and light to eyes. As for the side effect, I have mere recolonization about that.
  • Danielle


    Yes, the anti glare glasses are really good. I think they have no side effects. Eye strain is a common problem for those people who have to sit in front of computers or television for long hours every day a week. Those people may get the problems like headaches, migraines, neck and back ache. If you sit in front of the computer for eight hours a day in much less lighting conditions, you may cause the eyesight problems. You should do some basic eye muscle exercises and use to wear the anti glare glasses to reduce the eye strain. If you sit in front of computers for a long time every day, you could take this into consideration. The coating part of glasses is designed to reduce the glare and lets more light in. Compared with the regular glasses which let only 91% of light through and the 9% of light is lost in reflection, the anti glare glasses can improve focus, reduce problems caused by harsh office lighting and boost contrast. This kind of glasses can also help you eliminate the reflection of light from both the front and back side of the lenses. However, this kind of glasses is easy to get dirty on the lenses. If you use your eyes too much time with this glass, you may get worse vision at your eyes. Thus, you'd better have a good rest for your eyes.

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