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James green


What are side effects of using progressive lens glasses?

I heard that progressive lens glasses are wonderful. So, i want to have a try. But i don't believe there are perfect things. Is there any side effect i should know before i wear it?
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  • crockettcastle


    Well, yes, there are actually some side effects when you wear progressive lenses. As we know that progressive lenses glasses are very different for other glasses, for they are able to focus points from far to near. So by wearing progressive lenses glasses, it is likely to have all the field of vision, such as distant, intermediate, or near things. But on the other hand, for most people, it will take some time to adjust to them. And at this period, side effects like headaches and visual dizziness can often occur. So in other words, we can say that progressive lens glasses can not be completely free from visual side effects. During the accommodation period, many people will experience headache and visual dizziness.
  • en_liten_glimt


    Yes there are some side effects of using this kind of glasses. First, all the people need to take a lot of time to adjust progressive lens glasses. And they must change the way they move their heads. Second, some frames will not fit, people need to choose the frames fit their faces well and they must feel comfortable. What's more, wearing progressive lens glasses can also have side effects such like image jump and even headaches.
  • Tom Morris


    Progressive lenses come in a variety of different materials. Plastic for standard rx's polycarbonate for safety and mid range rx's and high index for heavier rx's. the rx should help determine what type of bifocal and what material you should use and what kind of frame you use..... A competent Optician (not a commisioned sales person) should be able to clarify these questions. I mean, My God...It's your eyes. Would you go into a drug store and ask the 18 year old cash register jockey what you should take to help your heart condition?? Go find an experienced (Guild or A.B.O certified optician) and actually get what would be best for you.
  • Jack percy


    Well, I can see that you want to know something about those progressive lens glasses. It is good for you to doubt it. Anyway, there are some side effects of that glasses. Generally speaking, its effects depends on several factors and sometimes it could even make your feel uncomfortable, so you should take an eye exam carefully before you try to get them, and try to make sure they are suitable for your eyes.

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