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How to tell the difference between pink eye and blocked tear duct?

How can i tell if i get pink eyes or blocked tear duct? What are their differences?
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  • consilium_capit


    Well, as you can see, both of them are quite serious if not treated properly and they could bring a lot of trouble and suffering to our life. Anyway, there are some differences between them. As a matter of fact, once got blocked tear ducts, your eyes would keep producing tears without stop and pink eyes would make your eyes itchy, watery, bloodshot, and burning. Anyway, if anything strange happens, just go to see a doctor.
  • Nicholas carter


    Hello, if you got pink eye, your eye would be pink or red color. You can pull back the bottom eye lid, if it is seriously red, you are very likely to get pink eyes. Blocked tear duct usually happen in infants and children and it is quite common. If you have a watery eye with pus, tears running down the face, crusted mucus along eyelashes, you are very likely to have blocked tear duct.

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