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Sharron Green


Are dry eyes contagious?

In recent days, my eyes feel very dry. My teacher suggested me go home and have a good rest. Is it needed? Are contact lenses contagious ?
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    You need the rest for the dry eyes which will cause other eyes problems that you should pay attention to. The contact lenses will not be contagious because of the dry eyes. It will be contagious if you wear them when you have the pink eyes. You should use the eye drops to release the symptom.
  • castro_jan


    No, it could not be contagious. Dry eye occurs when there is a chronic lack of sufficient tear lubrication to naturally moisture the eye. It is not caused by external harmful microorganism, such as bacteria, virus. One of the most common causes of dry eye syndrome is the aging process. It would make your eyes become itchy, burning, scratchy, redness. At the same time, wearing long-term contact lenses are another common complaint. If you are one contact lenses wearer, you have to avoid wear contact lenses before your dry eyes are released. They are not contagious but would make your dry eyes worse.