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Can rosewater be used as eye drops?

Can i take rosewater as eye drops. Is it bad for my eyes?
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  • Carlos rodney


    No, you'd better not take the rosewater as your eye drops. As we know, the eye drops contain the special material which will release your dryness and other symptoms. In addition, the rosewater will irritate your cornea which will be bad for your eyes. If you just want to release your eyes, you'd better use the normal eye drops.
  • walkingcaine


    The anwser is absolutely no. It is totally wrong and harmful that take rosewater as eye drops. You are supposed to aware of how dangerous it is dripping something strange into eyes without doctors' permission. As we all know, eyes is the most frail and vulnerable part in our bodies, exactly, the essence of rosewater will stimulate our eyes. What's more, it is probably to give rise to relevant infections and make eyes attached and cause extremely uncomfortable feelings. If your eyes do not feel good, just go to see a doctor to get a professional examination or buy eye drop in some legitimate stores. Do not use something with unknown ingredients in consideration of your eyes' health. Thanks for consulting.

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