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Can You Get Rid of Floaters in the Eyes?

I have eye floaters in my eyes. Can you tell me how to get rid of them quickly? Are there any medicines for it?
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  • Cassidy


    In some cases, we can get rid of floaters without applying special medicines. Many people can see a few eye floaters in their vision especially when they look at something blank such as a blue sky or an area of white. Though floaters may be annoying, they don't interfere with our vision. Health professionals said that we can take certain nutritional supplements such as antioxidant vitamins, MSM eye drops and hyaluronic acid to help get rid of eye floaters. You can have a try too.
  • Elijah leslie


    We can get rid eye floaters. But you'd better see an eye doctor first for he or she can determine the cause of your eye floaters, and then apply appropriate treatment to minimize them. Most eye floaters can be chalked up to the aging process of human beings, so the treatment for eye floaters is not always needed. But some targeted medical intervention will be applied in some rare cases. And if the eye floaters are causing serious vision problems for you, you may need to talk with your eye doctor and consider a surgery.

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