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How to Prevent Macular Degeneration From Getting Worse ?

I have macular degeneration. Can you give me some suggestions to prevent it from getting worse? Thank you!
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  • Cassidy


    There are many other ways to prevent macular degeneration. Multimineral/ multivitamin supplement can help prevent macular degeneration. You can eat fruit and nuts daily. You can take two enteric-coated fish oil capsules each day. You must do exercise regularly to keep a healthy weight. Last but not the least, you'd better wear appropriate sunglasses outdoors. Sunglasses can help to block UV and blue light that may cause eye damage. Now, you have a good opportunity to get a pair of high quality sunglasses with less money because Firmoo is holding its 4th anniversary to giving back its customers and community. You can have a look around in their website
  • Daniel christian


    Dear friend, you can take the following steps to prevent macular degeneration from getting worse. Fist, if you are a heavy smoker, you'd better give up smoking for the long run. Second, you can consider eating plenty of dark, leafy green vegetables, such as raw spinach. You can also eat fish or take a fish oil supplement. Third, you may need to have regular eye exams.

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