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Nicholas campbell


Where to buy glasses like ingrid michaelson's?

Have you seen the glasses that ingrid michaelson wears? Where can i find such eyeglasses? Any idea?
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  • Jacob adams


    Well, I believe you like ingrid michaelson very much which makes you like her glasses. Anyway, as we can see ingrid michaelson is a female musician in New York and her type of glasses if called oval glasses,which is quite popular among females. Anyway, you could get such glasses at a lot of places such as Amazon ,where you could see lots of oval glasses of different sizes and colors.
  • Logan


    It is the big black frame eyeglasses that ingrid michaelson wears in her video. This kind of glasses is so popular this year. If you like to own this type, you could go to the online store or the near real store of eyeglasses to buy one. You could go to some reputable online stores to have a search, like the amazon or ebay.