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Brook Park


Why did i get bruised eyes after drinking?

I get bruised eyes the morning after drinking? Is there anyone who know what causes that? Any idea?
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  • EDWIN Caster


    Yes, the alcohol drinking will cause you bruised eyes in the next day's morning. The reason is that, after drinking, the blood will be dilute with the extra liquid from your drink, the blood circulation will be accelerated and it leads to the osmotic pressure enlarge between the blood and tissue spaces, the local edema will happen. The bruised eyes will be recovered after the discharge of the extra liquid after you get up several hours. The alcohol is hard to resolve than water, so the discharge process will be long than usual for it will aggravate the kidney burden. As the eyes blood circulation are failed, some congestion will be caused, your eyes will seem to be bruised especially when you fall asleep with no movements of your body, your body is quiet and speed of metabolism will be slow down. For the sake of your health, please drink less of the alcohol.
  • Bernadette Korey


    I never meet that such problems. It is rare. Maybe this caused by the amount of fat cover your body. I heard that bruises will sometimes appear with the slightest knock if you do not have an adequate layer of body fat. But i am not sure if the matter why you got bruised eyes. So, you'd better see an doctor.
  • cristti


    Yeah, the alcohol conclude a lot of irritating stimulations that can our nerves in the body work in disorder. After the drinking, one is not so clear at the conscious state. Your bruised eyes may be caused by the knock or the big touch under the circumstances that you don't know. You'd better use the cold cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom.
  • Daniel


    For the reason of your bruised eyes, I can say that there is something to do with your drinking. As we know that after we drink too much, it will increase the intraocular pressure which can get your nerves more pressure. Then they will do some pain to your head and your eyes. Even make your eyes become bruised eyes. So you should not drink too much alcohol for your health and for your bruises eyes. To treat it, you can put some ice on your eyes, and eat some food which can relieve you from the alcohol. If there still are bruised eyes, you'd better talk about it with the doctor and find some more effective way to treat it.