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Logan hall


Why does fibromyalgia cause eye twitching?

In recent days, i often feel eye twitches, So, i searched online and tried to find what cause it. And i saw that fibromyalgia can cause eye twitching. Why?
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  • walksal0ne


    As far as I know, fibromyalgia has little things to do with your eyes. And you should know that eye twitching is resulted from a wide variety of reasons such as fatigue, a lack of sleep, overuse of eyes, etc. It could be seen as a sign of health hazard. I recommend that you try to consult a doctor and take some timely measures.
  • abbyabbie


    Yes, the fibromyalgia may cause your eye twitching. You may find that your body immune system will decline because of the fibromyalgia. You could find that the eyes may get the bacterium easily these days. And that is why you get the eye twitching problems. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom.
  • explosion_x3


    Well, yes, it can lead to itchy eyes. First, you should know that fibromyalgia is a disorder whose most prominent characteristic is pain and tenderness at specific points in the musculoskeletal system. And because of it, you may suffer many symptoms, such as hypothyroidism, certain viral infections, stress. And then, because of the stress, for example, people have trouble falling asleep and even when they do sleep, and they wake up feeling tired and unrefreshed. And then, it can just increase the eye pressure, leading to eye strain. Finally, itchy eyes, even dark circles, eye bags can occur. So you should be careful about it.

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