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Alexia george


Website where I can find very cheap prescription sunglasses?

I can easily find regular prescription glasses online for $15 - $20, but can't find sunglasses for under $60 anywhere. Looking for a no-frills hard plastic pair I can wear in the garden / outside, and not worry if they get dirty, scratched, run over by the lawnmower, etc. Any website you might know? Thanks! Eric.
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  • 04/14/2012

    There are many cheap prescription sunglasses online. You can go to search in the web browser by yourself. Or you can try this link: They have prescription sunglasses that you can afford to buy.
  • chrisss_129


    Well, I Can see that you are eager to get yourself a pair of cheap and nice prescription glasses online and you are worried about you cannot find a place. OK, here I am, I know somewhere that could give you what you wanted. I would like to recommend Alibaba to you, which has been so famous in the world and you could see millions of different kinds of prescription sunglasses at at remarkably low price. Just visit their website and carefully browse through the pages ok?
  • griffin


    If you want to buy the prescription sunglasses at suitable price, you could choose to go to walmart to have a look. Walmart is such a good place for you to buy things because of the suitable price and good quality. The sunglasses with prescription will be suitable for those people with prescription. They could also protect their eyes from the strong uv rays.

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