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Mya hall


Is it harmful to wear non-prescription sunglasses over prescription contact lenses?

My morning commute is 45 minutes heading directly into the sun. Since I have very sensitive eyes, I was hoping to get some sunglasses. Thing is, I love the freedom my contact lenses provide me and after heading into my workplace, I do not wish to put in my contact lenses and once again remove them and put on my prescription sunglasses when I need to head out. So, the question is: Is it safe to wear non-prescription sunglasses over my prescription contact lenses?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Don't worry. It is safe to wear non-prescription sunglasses over contacts. As long as your non-prescription sunglasses have completely protection from the harmful rays, like UV rays, there is no problem to wear the non-prescription sunglasses over prescription contact lenses. Sunglasses that are polarized are both the UVA and UVB protection , so just feel relieved to do that way.
  • Anome


    Technically, it's Ok. But, there are prescription sunglasses right now. If you want to get eye protection and vision aids, why not try prescription sunglasses? It is much easy and convenient than wearing non prescription sunglasses over contact lenses. Of course, if you like to wear contacts, just do it.
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