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Angelica gerard


Where can I buy designer prescription sunglasses?

Do places like Bloomingdale's carry prescription sunglasses, or are they just regular ones?
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  • 04/12/2012

    Bloomingdales has some but you can either go to Sears, Lenscrafters, Downtown Citylook or other places that sell glasses/sunglasses. You can also find some at online optical store.
  • ecxsrkes


    Well, I can see that you would like to get a pair of sunglasses that could give you both protection and visual aids. So, as you can see, Bloomingdale's is one of the most famous department store in America, and you could of course see loads and loads of designer sunglasses with prescription, but, most of them are just regular ones, however,sometimes they could be very expensive, so you'd better bring more money.
  • Ariana oliver


    There are many places like online stores offering the prescription sunglasses which could be suitable for those with prescription who need to go outside in the strong lights. The online stores conclude the walmart, amazon and so on. You could go to their online store to have a search. There must be the one that you like.

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