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Brittany giles


Do you need to get used to prescription sunglasses like you would glasses?

I bought some prescription sunglasses and they are supposed to have the same prescription in them as my glasses but the prescription sunglasses give me a headache and my depth perception is way off in this normal? Do I just need to get used to them?
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  • 04/13/2012

    No, you don't have to get used to sunglasses. If you get headache when you wear the prescription sunglasses, you should go back to your optomestrist and let him check it for you.
  • Gabriel


    There are several reasons to cause you headache such as wrong prescription, unsuitable lenses color and the design of sunglasses. If you make sure the prescription of the sunglasses are accurate but feel headache. You'd better buy another new pair of prescription sunglasses instead. Be good to your eyes, wearing prescription sunglasses that can give you clear vision and comfortable vision.