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Shelby harris


What causes a lump on my upper eyelid?

I noticed a lump on my upper eyelid. It looks ugly. What causes a lump on my upper eyelid? Is there any way to get rid of it?
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  • Vivian


    Because there is too much oil due to overproduction or infrequent cleaning of the eyelids in your oil gland, which helps lubricate the skin of the eyelashes at the base of the eyelids, your oil gland is clogged. Unluckily, bacteria on your skin mixes with the oil at this time, giving rise to the inflammation, resulting in a lump on your upper eyelid. You can apply warm compresses to the eyelid to promote drainage and relieve the discomfort. Also, you can use an antibiotic cream to prevent further infection. Wish you will be get rid of the lump soon.
  • greg t


    If you have the lump on your upper eyelid which looks ugly, you should take notice of your health in eyes. You may have the contagious infection at the eyes. Or your bad hygiene problem causes the lump on your upper eyelid. You'd better go to see the doctor and accept the medical treatment. You could adopt something that can kill the bacterium.
  • chris R


    I guess your lump on your eyelid maybe the stye, as for the reason of the stye, that just because your sebaceous gland of tarsus or eyelash has staphy lococcus infection.The stye will be two kinds of it, one is external the other is internal.Yours will be the external stye. Poor personal hygiene and weak healthy person will be easily to get such eyes disease. As for the way to get rid of it, we could apply partial hot compress, when the fester runs out, the disease will be recovery. Please never squeeze the lump, or it will be dangerous to get irritation. If the symptom is serious, the surgery would be providing to treat the disease. If not, some eyes drop and erythrocin eyes ointment will be enough to treat it.

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