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Is erythromycin good for pink eye?

I heard that erythromycin can help pink eyes. Is it true? If so, how can erythromycin help pink eyes?
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  • Mort


    Yes, erythromycin can help pink eyes. Erythromycin is a prescription antibiotic ointment and it is used to treat different infections of the eyes, such as bacterial conjunctivitis, or pink eyes; inflammation of the eyelids, or blepharitis; and trachoma. Erythromycin can relieve the discomfort of redness, pain, discharge and itching as well as prevents the infection of the pink eyes from spreading to others.
  • April


    Well, yes, it can help pink eyes. First, you should know that pink eye is caused by the bacteria, irritants, even allergies. When you suffer it, your eyes will be red, bloodshot. Also, pink eye is contagious. And they can be easily passed back and forth between your eyes and others. To treat it, you can just apply erythromycin which can be good for your pink eyes. Of course, there are many other measures that you can take to solve the situation. For example, you need to use the drops as directed you need to make sure the bottles tip is not touching your eye to not be infected. By the way, you can put some ice on your eyes and change it frequently.
  • walkingalone123


    Yes, it is true that the erythromycin can help pink eyes. Erythromycin ointment is the antibiotic medicine. The antibacterial spectrum is broad which can be usually used for pyogenic skin infection and drug resistance to penicillin staphylococcal infection. It is white or light yellow or yellow ointment in medical treatment which occupies an important position, especially in the surgery, the wound healed, skin fester. It is used significantly and the effect is significant. As we know, the pink eyes are the contagious eyes disease which could be happened mostly in spring and summer. There are a lot of bacterium in the eyes when you get the pink eyes. You could use the erythromycin to kill the bacterium for your eyes which will cure your pink eyes to some degree.