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Dylan duncan


Can I wear Aspheric lenses with strong prescription?

I have a strong prescription which is SPH-8.25 for both eyes, can I still wear Aspheric lenses?
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  • Steve


    As the aspheric lenses are thinner and flatter, they are suitable for strong prescription. Aslo they can give people better vision than the ordinary lenses. What’s more, they can let you look better due to the aspheric lenses lessen nearsighted eye minification and farsighted eye magnification. If you have a strong prescription, the aspheric lenses are your best choice.
  • Vanessa edward


    Of course you can. Aspheric lenses are thinner than normal prescription lenses. And the stronger your prescription is, the thinner it will be. For your strong prescription, you can wear high index aspheric lenses which are suitable for you.