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Kevin lee


How to bend titanium glasses frames to make them fit me better?

I just order one pair of cheap prescription titanium glasses online optical. The nose bridge is higher position on my nose. How can I bend titanium frame to fit on the nose bridge properly?
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  • elen_t


    First of all, you should cover the lenses with a small, soft towel. Next, hold the lenses of the titanium glasses upright and hold the part of the temple that fits over your ear. Then gently move the temple up to lower the nose bridge on your face. At last, the titanium glasses frames will fit you better.
  • cattatra


    Since the nose bridge is higher position on your nose, it may be because your titanium glasses frames are too tight. You should loosen the fit of the titanium glasses frame by moving the temples out. I believe your titanium glasses frame can fit you better if you bend the titanium frame like that.