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How to choose the right glasses frame for your face shape?

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  • Jessica Stevenson


    Different face shapes can be fitted with different types of eyeglasses frames. Oval face shapes are the most well-balanced. If you have an oval face, then you can wear any type of glasses frames. If you have a square face, oval and cat eye eyeglasses will fit your square face well because these kinds of glasses will help soften the angles of your face.
  • charlene1o2


    People with heart shaped faces can wear rimless or half rim styles of eyeglasses. If you have a rectangular face, choose glasses that are narrower than the widest part of your face, which will make your face more balanced. Moreover, glasses with decorative accents on the temples will make your face appear wider.
  • Kristy


    Just try them on to see whether they will look good on you. If you can't determin by yourself, you can take a someone else, like a frend with you. He or she will give you some suggestions on what kind of glasses are good for your face shape.