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Gregory A Meetze


What is the difference between pure Titanium and bendable titanium frame?

It is quite hard to tell pure Titanium and bendable titanium frame, can anyone tell me the difference between them?
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Answers (3)

  • Jackson raphael


    Bendable titanium is made of titanium alloy. It is also called memory titanium which can go back to its original shape even if you bend them anyway. However, yo can't break them. Pure titanium are more durable and lighter, but they are more expensive than bendable titanium.
  • Sonya


    Pure titanium contains over 99.9% of titanium. So they are lightweight ,corruption-resistant ,allergic-resistant and high intensity. Pure titanium frames are marked as Ti-P. While bendable titanium frames are marked as Ti-B.
  • Dylan fergus


    Bendable titanium glasses frames are made of a tough titanium alloy while pure titanium frames are made of over 99% titanium. But only bendable titanium frame is flexible and can't be broken.