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Does vaseline help eye wrinkles?

Can i use vaseline to help my eye wrinkles? Does it work to reduce eye wrinkles?
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  • big john


    Anyway, there are a lot of good ways to employ. As a matter of fact, Vaseline eye creams are surely effective for eye wrinkles, and it is good. You could also try some retin A eye creams which are also effective. Nevertheless, try to pay more attention to your lifestyle, food and rest have a significant stake in our beautiful looks.
  • emiliaenespanol


    You can use vaseline to reduce your eye wrinkles and it will be gentler than normal moisurisers. Vaseline is formed from the mixture of paraffin, waxes and mineral oil, which create petroleum jelly. Before using vaseline, you should wash skin as usual. Then, you apply the vaseline over your wrinkle skin gently.
  • Caleb murphy


    I think it could help. Because it is good moisturizer which can help smooth the skin. The skin which is moist looks much better with far less noticeable wrinkles and creases. Dry skin is very likely to have wrinkles and creases at earlier age the moist skin. So I think apply Vaseline could help reduce wrinkles. Wrinkles happen because of contribution of various complicated factors, and they are inevitable as we age. But we still can try to avoid some factors so that we could get wrinkles later and less. Keeping skin moist is very important. Many of us are suffering from dryness of skin today. When season is changing, I can feel my skin is rough and dull. In summer or winter, I always stay in rooms with air-conditioning, which just makes my skin drier and worse. Moisturizer is necessary to protect my skin from wrinkles. I need to apply moisturizer twice per day, and so far I have no wrinkles at all. You could try some Vaseline.