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Why do i see bright spots in vision after exercising ?

I get some bright spots in my vision, and i feel a little bit dizzy after exercising. Why do i have bright spots in vision? Is it ok? What should i do?
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  • Angela tuener


    The bright spots in your eyes after your exercising, it is normal, and nothing serious. You have no need to worry about it. There have some different reasons for this kind of symptom. Hungry, fatigue and simulation of spirit will lead to this kind of symptom. The basically reason is the congestion of your brain's blood supplement. Then the retina in your eye ground has lack of blood circulation at a time. There have some nerve cells in your brain to delivery the visual signals. The messages which pass on by them will translated in some specific thing we know such as birds, tree etc. If the hard exercising shakes your head and brain, these nerve cells tremble, and then misunderstand the message into tiny pieces such as star and light. When the cough is healed, the symptom will disappear. No worries! You may need some water and nutrients to supply your blood circulation, relax and have a rest, it will recovery soon. Unless the symptom will last for a long time, you have no need to worry about it.
  • Ieff


    After exercise, you may see bright spots in vision company with blurry vision. This may caused by blood shifting, low blood sugar, head trauma as well as headache etc. After exercise, you may workout, so your blood often pumped away from the brain and eye muscle. And this condition will cause the bright spots in vision, flashes of white light as well as splotchy colors in vision. Besides, low blood sugar, trauma are also possible cause bright spots vision.
  • Holly


    It is ok for you to get some bright spots in your vision and feel a bit dizzy after exercising. Because the eye nerves get the pressure with the squeeze of the fingers, the eye blood pressure is high. That is why you have such symptom. Just let the eyes have a good rest and they will get the recovery of clear vision.
  • Ariana


    To be honest, I used to have the same feeling with you, I also had a dizzy feeling. The possible reason for that may be overwork or exhaustion you know? Or do you have low blood pressure? The causes are various, perhaps they have no relationship with your eyes. Of course it is not a good sign of health. You had better find out what happened to you recently.

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