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Is borage oil good for dry eyes?

My eyes often feel very dry. I just wonder if borage oil can treat dry eye syndrome? If so, what are benefits of borage oil for dry eyes?
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  • Gabriella


    I just read somewhere online that i can't remember. The article says that borage oil covers some important nutrient helps maintain the health of the membranes in the body. And borage oil is good to keep good heart health and it also helps with dry eye syndrome. If you suffered from dry eyes, you may try to take some borage oil. Best wishes.
  • hand_to_mouth


    Well, generally speaking, borage oil can be beneficial for your dry eyes. Also you should eat more fish meat like salmon, tuna and sardines. As we know that borage oil in these fishes are rich in omega-3 essential to brain and eye health, especially to the dry eyes. According to some researchers, it has been clinically shown that omega-3 can stimulate aqueous tear production in the dry eye patient. And also it is necessary to sustain normal tear break-up time, and necessary for visual acuity. So it is very useful to have more borage oil.
  • Caroline hill


    Borage oil mixed with others are good for dry eyes. Go start taking borage oil, fish oils, GLA, magnesium and so on regularly and in large quantities . In due course your dry eyes will vanish, your teeth will have stabilised and your gums will be in excellent condition. We do have to commit to wanting good health. What we eat produces our energy levels and health.And we may have these problems: dry eye, getting up in the night to pee, getting a bit of arthritis, slowly sinking energy levels, asthma, high blood pressure and so on. So 3 good ways to start getting ourselves out of this mess include cooking food from scratch, digesting that food properly and getting a good balance of the essential fatty acids by getting rid of the rape seed oil (such as olive or avocado oil)and taking high quality (molecularly distilled) fish oils and some borage oil. Then our hearts will beat soundly, we will breathe freely and our eyes glisten with health.
  • Karen


    Yes, borage oil is good for eyes. Borage oil contains amount of linolenate and gamma linolenic acid which are necessary delspray in our body. Gamma linolenic acid is especially good for eyes. What is more, it can moist our skin as well. So if you use borage oil to treat dry eye syndrome, it works. Borage oil is not only good for dry eye syndrome but also good for premenstrual syndrome, multiple sclerosi, menopause, heart disease, chronic eczema and premature aging skin. If you don't have those problems above, using borage oil can help you improve your skin and make your skin smooth. Borage oil can apply to all kinds of skin.