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How much are opaque contact lenses? where to buy?

I want to buy opaque contact lenses? How much should i prepare for it? Can you recommend some places that sell opaque contact lenses?
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  • Robert murphy


    I never bought opaque contact lenses. But i just saw some opaque contact lenses at which sold at $30.99. Besides, i also see some opaque contact lenses at And most of them sold over 10 CBP. And i also see the cheapest one charge 7.15 CBP. Anyway, you can check it yourself.
  • Lainey


    Opaque contact lenses at different stores are sold at different prices. Speaking of which, i recommend you to buy opaque contact lenses at online stores instead of local stores for the price will be cheaper than that in local stores. So far, many people prefer to buy contacts online and the quality of online contacts is also great as long as you buy quality contacts at reliable contacts stores. So if you are interested in online contacts, just google it and you will find many stores that sell opaque contact lenses.
  • Steve


    As far as I know, opaque contact lenses are able to make your eyes appear more attractive and shining right? Do for you indeed, however there are some side effects sometimes. Generally speaking, you gotta have 100 dollars or more Personally, there are some great places full of various types of contacts I should recommend. Walmart, visionworks, MaxMart, or some large shopping centers.
  • Minaxi Patel


    Opaque contact lenses are also known as colored contact lenses, which can change the color your iris and make your eyes brighter and more attractive. The price is not very pricey, 2 lenses from about 10 to 20 pounds. When you get a contact lens prescription, you can purchase online or from local stores. Other hypermarkets, like COSTCO or Wal-Mart, also sell opaque contact lenses.
  • CeCe Bazel


    Opaque contact lenses are one of the most popular types of lenses in the world for quality vision, which receive great popularity among the people who want to wear the contact lenses. The latest in eye care innovations give lens manufacturers the ability to produce high quality Opaque lenses. People around the world have chosen Opaque for comfort, vision clarity and so on. Opaque contacts have become much more affordable through breakthroughs in technology. If you want to know all Opaque information, you could find the Opaque contact lenses online. The average price of it is about $80. You could go to the amazon to have a search.
  • Lavada Tully


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