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Are green laser pointer pens bad for your eyes?

i have a green laser pointer and just wonder if it is bad for my eyes? Can it damage my vision?
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  • walkietalkie1


    In fact, any kind of pen or pencil in your eyes is likely cause some damages to your eyeball. Besides, getting the light from a laser pen in your eyes may also dazzle you or cause temporary your vision. Nevertheless, if the laser pen is made properly and classified, it will not cause permanent damages. Anyway, you'd better check your eyes now for sake.
  • creatingme


    Most laser pointers used in western countries are class 3a diode lasers. According to FAD's research, if you viewed directly class 3a lasers for about 0.25 seconds, your eyes would be injured. Many of green laser pointers have been imported from Russia and China, whose beam is likely exceed the maximum accepted index. Any strong light can damage eyes. If you have one, leave it. Or do not point people's eyes when you use it.
  • Richard


    Yes, using the green laser pointer to the eyes may be bad for the eyes which can damage the vision. High power laser pen has very bright light. It can even burn the imaging element through the camera lens exposure. We should pay attention to this. The laser can directly damage the human eye, producing the eyesight drop in short time.
  • clur_08


    Yes, green laser pointer pens are bad for your eyes. If your green laser pointer just occasionally wanders into your eyes for a second, you just feel woozy for a while. It is not a big deal. But if the light from green laser pointer pens gets into your eyes directly, it will do harm to your eyes and damage your vision as well. If this happens, you should close your eyes and have a break. If you feel uncomfortable for a long time, you should go to see the doctor.
  • crockettcastle


    Of course, I gotta tell you the green laser pointer is extremely bad for our vision, therefore, they are used by some extreme football fans to distract their rival players on the football pitch. I myself think it should be banned from using. If your eyes are constantly exposed to the green laser, you will feel very dizzy ,even got blind. So, you have to be very careful.

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