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Do cucumbers help eye wrinkles?

Can i use cucumber to reduce eye wrinkles? Does it really help?
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  • Gabriel peters


    Yes, you can use cucumber to reduce your eye wrinkles. As one of the most effective home remedies, it not just for under eye wrinkles, but also for other conditions such as dark spots around the eyes, eye bags, etc. You just need to slice a cucumber and place one on each eye while you relax. Twenty minutes later, you will benefit from the refreshing cucumber.
  • Sara nelson


    It might help reduce eye wrinkles to some extent. Most component of cucumber is water. Putting some cucumber slices on face could effectively moisturize skin. It is said to be a good home remedies for wrinkles. You can find your skin refreshed after cucumber mask. Keeping skin moist, there is a very easy and direct way. Just ensure that you drink at 8 cups of water per day. Drinking water can provide body with water of daily need so skin can get the water it needs too. It is the easiest and best way. There are many kinds of natural materials you could use to smooth skin too, for example tomato, milk, honey, yoghourt and egg and so on. All of them are natural food that body could have and digest, and they could be very good mask material for skin, far better than other cosmetics. I love milk mixed with pearl powder to whiten my skin, which is fabulous. Hope you can find your favorite way to take good care of your skin.
  • walkidiot


    Well, it seems that you are quite worried about your wrinkles. So, it is true that those ugly wrinkles would surely affect our looks and make us appear to be quite aged. Anyway, we must fight back. Cucumber slices are useful when you put them onto your wrinkles. But you should know that is far from enough. Why not try to get some eye creams that contain Retin A, which is effective in treating wrinkles. Also, try to have a healthy diet and good mood.