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Cameron george


How often to get eye exam?

I am planning to get my presciption glasses replaced. My girlfriend says i should get an eye exam. i said why should i, and she says its because your eyes change over time. I have had the same prescription for about a year. Should i get another exam before getting new glasses?
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  • 04/13/2012

    Eye professionals recommend that everyone see an eye doctor at least every three years. If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses must have an eye exam every year in order to keep your prescriptions current. But those people who don't require corrective lenses can go two or three years between vision screenings provided they don't have vision or eye problems. Depending on your situation, you'd better have an eye exam before you get new glasses.
  • b3st_deceptions


    Yes, you'd better listen to your girlfriend advices. IN fact, your prescription are likely to change as time goes by. Eye doctors suggest that one should take eye exam at least every year. And having eye exam are not only give your prescription to help you buy the best suitable glasses, but also let you know the condition of your eyes.

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