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Ryan eddy


What type of glasses frames should I get?

I wear contacts, but need a new pair of glasses. My vision is absolutely TERRIBLE, so the lenses for my glasses will be really thick. Thick lenses (as I'm sure some of you know) make your eyes look really small. Is there a style of frame that will help minimize that effect and make my eyes look bigger (or closer to their actual size)?
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  • 04/14/2012

    The shape of the glasses frames should be suitable for the shape of your face.If you have round face, the rectangle or square can fit you properly. And the color of the frames should decide by your skin tone & hair color. I think a small or medium frame would help minimize the thickness of the lens. While large frames would make the thickness noticeable.
  • emptypayphone


    You have the same problem as me. According to my experience, do not choose rimless eyeglass frame. If you wear rimless glasses, your thick eyeglass lenses will be very obvious. For those who have strong prescription just like you and me, thick rimmed eyeglass frames will be good for us, which do can make thick eyeglass lenses look thinner. You can choose fashionable thick rimmed glasses to spice up your look such as geek chic glasses that are quite hot right now.