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Dylan clive


How can i repaint plastic eye glasses frames?

I tried painting some plastic eye glasses with spray paint but it wasn't glossy or anything it peeled right off so i tried sanding it but it did the same! what solid black paint can i use also after iam done what can i use to give it the new eyeglasses gloss?
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  • 04/12/2012

    There are several ways you can do. You can put a coating of nail polish which has the same color as your frames on them. Or you can take your glasses back to the store where you bought them and let them repaint it for you.
  • Samuel hill


    In order to make your plastic eyeglasses look glossy, you could choose the spray paint with special material which could help you do this. After adopting the black paint you do on the eyeglasses, you could do the process of warming up by using the heating machine like the blower. Then you will see the glossy character on the eyeglasses.
  • Arianna walker


    All right, I can see that you are eager to paint your glasses frame with new color and logos. However, as you can see the color of the glasses frames is made through some special techniques and crafts, which could not be replaced by your own hand, it would inevitably peel off after some time. So, you had better give it up. A pair of new amazing glasses frame at Amazon only costs you 20 dollars maybe. Just go and take a look at them.

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