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Zachary cook


How do you pop the lenses out of glasses frames without breaking them?

I bought a pair of glasses but i want the lenses out, i just don't want to break the frame.
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  • Rebecca


    For a frame with a screw, use the tiny screwdriver that comes with a glasses repair kit to open the frame. Be careful not to strip the screw when you remove it. The lens should fall out as the screw is loosened. Be sure to do this over a soft surface so the lens does not crack.
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  • 04/13/2012

    If there are some screws on the frames, you can use the tiny screwdriver to unscrew them, then you can pop out the lenses easily. If your glasses frame is plastic, then you should directly press the round part of the lenses by force, and then the the lenses can be popped out.