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Christian garcia


How can I remove white stains on my plastic glasses?

I have ray ban plastic glasses and there are white stains on it. Specifically, on the nose part of the glasses. Any suggestions on how to remove them?
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  • Derrick Swallow


    I have been battling with this for over 50 years and have finally found a solution. Mr Clean's Magic Eraser. I could only find it on Amazon. Total cost including postage about
  • 04/12/2012

    You can go to the optical store where you bought your glasses or an any optician and and then buy the stain remover products, they will tell you how to remove the white stains.


    Firstly, don't use your finger directly to clean the white stains on your plastic glasses. You can use a soft cloth to clean it with some tap water. If it won't work, then you should buy some certain cleaner that are specially made for plastic glasses and use it to clean the stains. At last, if you still can't remove the white stains by the above ways, I would suggest you to go to the specific glasses stores and let the technician there to help you.