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Ethan duncan


How do I get scratches off my glasses frames?

I just got these new glasses and i got 4 scratches on the frames. I barley used them right after i got them. my friends been putting them on so i don't know if they did it. so how do i get it off? the scratches are on plastic or metal, and the brand is dkny. if thats important
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  • 04/12/2012

    Put a coating of toothpaste on a moist cloth and use the cloth to rub the scratched places for a while. Finally wash them off under the clean, running water and dry off naturally.
  • Les


    Use a damp microfibre cloth and some t cut slight abrasive car scratch liquid . Work into the frame in circular motions with slight pressue.Buff off excess. May have to do it a few times than final buff and polish. Worked a treat on my 70s Rayban. Dont polish the lenses this way. Good luck
  • Desiree


    Actually it is difficult for you to get off the scratches on the frames of the eyeglasses. But you could bring the eyeglasses to the real store and let the client do it for you. They will use the professional washing machine to help you clean the eyeglasses and then use the special material to get rid of the scratches off the eyeglasses.
  • Anna


    Could you please send me your price list and offers? Thanks
  • Rick Johnson


    In my opinion, you should not remove the scratches by yourself for it can be dangerous to damage your glasses. Also, because they are just glasses, it is hard to remove the scratches on them. Anyway if you do it by yourself, it will very dangerous for you to destroy them. In some cases, they can not be worn any more. For your situation, you should just go and ask the professional person for help. Maybe he can help and give some advices.