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Derek T.


Does increased eye pressure feel like?

Have you experienced high eye pressure? Does increased eye pressure feel like?
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  • Isabelle duncan


    Usually, there is no special feeling of high eye pressure. No obvious and outward symptoms appear at all. This is exactly the reason why people don't know if they had glaucoma at an early stage. Normally you can't tell by yourself that if you have ocular hypertension or not. It should be tested by oculist and then compare it with the normal standard. But if you have high blood pressure, you'd better check with your ophthalmologist, because glaucoma is a very common eye complication from high blood pressure and diabetes. Glaucoma can be caused by excessive acqueous production, inadequate acqueous drainage, eye trauma, certain medicine and other eye conditions. If any situation above fits yours, then go to visit your ophthalmologist. At the beginning stage, the doctor can prescribe you some eye drops which can help lower the intraocular pressure.
  • warren


    Yes, I once have the high eye pressure during my first time to take the plane. It feels like the eyeballs will go out. The temperature at the eyes is high which will not feel comfortable. It is said that the eyes infection caused by the wearing of the contact lenses by mistake will cause the high eye pressure, too. Eyes are the important part of the body. You should take care of it carefully.
  • camzron


    well, generally speaking, when you have high eye pressure in your eyes, you will feel tired, stressed, even some pain in your eyes. for the look, your eyes may appear red, bloodshot. so it can be dangerous to have it. just take some measures to treat it. First, you can sip fluids all the time. By sipping small amounts of fluids constantly, it will keep eye pressure from increasing too much. Also, you can use some eye drops, such as beta blockers or carbonic anhydrase inhibitors which are good to reduce eye pressure. besides, regular exercise will help reduce the pressure too. just have a try.