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How to make eyes less red after waxing?

Does anyone know what can i do to make my eyes less red after waxing? Any idea?
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  • coloursoflife


    There are many ways to make eyes less red after waxing, there are my several suggestions as follows: 1.Put lotion on your eyebrows. this will help soothe the skin and make it less red. 2.Put ice over the waxed area for a few minutes after the treatment, it will reduce the discomfort. 3.Dab witch hazel on the affected area after your waxing, it's an effective way to reduce redness. 4.Take a couple of Tums before you're waxing, which can block histamines and reduce redness. 5.Do not taking hot showers or baths for several hours after waxing, avoid getting in the water at the beach, as the salt also irritates tender skin.
  • walksal0ne


    Your eyes must get the stimulations after waxing and become red. This symptom will be released after several hours. You could use the hot cloth to cover on the eyes to release the redness. Then you could even use the eye drops to release the serious symptom to make it look less red.