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How to make your eyes less sensitive to light?

My eyes are sensitive to light. Is there any way to make my eyes less sensitive to light?
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  • Sharron Green


    Well, it seems that you are afraid of sun light right? I quite understand that kind of feeling. So, I think there must be something wrong with your eyes or your body health. However, the easier way to tackle that problem is to wear sunglasses , sounds dull right? But if you carefully choose some sunglasses like polarized ones, you would be surprised at their effects. Basically, they are good to resist sunshine.
  • Alexander david


    I am sorry to hear that. As far as i could know, i didn't heard any ways that can completely cure people who sensitive to light. But there are some ways that may help you. You can see a doctor and get some eye drops that may help release eyes from sensitive light. Besides, you can also buy sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses to shield your eyes when you in strong light condition. Best wishes.
  • catgay2005


    If you want to make your eyes less sensitive to the sunlight, you could wear a pair of sunglasses which have the role of protecting your eyes from the direct shining of the sunlight because of the coating part. You may try the ray ban sunglasses on which will make you look cool.

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