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Can sinus infection cause uveitis?

Will sinus infection lead to uveitis? Why or why not?
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  • Isabelle garcia


    Well, as you can see uveitis is one of the most complicated problems in relation to our eyes, and generally speaking, it could be resulted from a wide variety of reasons, such as physical injuries and some inside problems such as sinus infection. Because sinus is closely related to your eyes, causing a lot of problems, such as uveitis. Anyway, you should take timely and effective measures to deal with the problem before it becomes serious.
  • Hebbe


    Yes, the sinus infection will lead to uveitis because of the eye infection. The nerves in the eyes and nose are interlinked. When you get the sinus infection, there is the high possibility for you to get infection at eyes. Then the uveitis will appear. Uveitis refers to the iris ciliary body choroidal inflammation. The iris ciliary body and the blood supply for iris with large ring. At the same time, the total inflammation is often called iris ciliary body inflammation. If choroid also gets inflammation, it is called uveitis. Uveitis is a kind of multiple eye disease in young and middle-aged eye disease. Its sort is various and the cause is quite complicated. The cure is undeserved, causing blindness. It should arouse the attention from the patients. When you get the uveitis, you'd better go to see the doctor and accept the medical treatment.