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Are Halloween contact lenses reusable

Last year i bought a pair of halloween contact lenses. After halloween, I put it in cool and dry places. Can i use the contact lenses for halloween this year?
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  • Alexander


    No, it can't. As we all known, it's more convenient for people to wear contact lenses in daily life, and it becomes a kind of makeup based on several colored contact lenses, such as red, blue, purple. There are different types of contact lenses based on different usage period. And the contact lenses of Halloween act as a kind of decoration. Though you put it in case with condition, but it would be hard after a few days if you don't wear it. On the other side, the condition would erode the contact lenses. Additionally, the quality of this Halloween contact lenses wouldn't be that good based on the purpose. Hence, you had better not reuse it any more after the Halloween.
  • Bridget C


    Certainly you can't wear them this year. Because the validity of Halloween contact lenses is very short. Lots of Halloween contacts only can be useful for a month. And some contacts will last at least 90 days from the day you open the blister packs that hold the lens, thus, after a year, your Halloween contacts is overdue. This kind of lenses is not very expensive and can be purchased with a prescription or online. So you can get a pair of contacts.
  • Nicholas carter


    FDA warning – Halloween decorative contact lenses in improper use might cause serious harm to your eyes. For example, Laura Butler is such a person who she does not know the risk of decorative lenses and buy a pair of non-prescription contact lenses. Unfortunately, she was very painful after wearing a short period of 10 hours. After the diagnosis of doctors, it found that she was suffering from a serious eye infection, corneal damage and vision loss. So improper using of decorative lenses may lead to significant risks of eye injuries, including blindness. Halloween contact lenses are generally not more than one year, so you have to be careful.