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What style of glasses frames suits an oblong face?

I have an oblong face, Is there any eyeglasses frames that can compliment my face shape? What style of eyeglasses will suit me most?
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  • cute_lil_ambie


    Generally, oblong face usually have a long face shape that can be flattered by a variety of frames. But you should choose the frame size with the face size into proportion. Especially for women oval face, should be matching any style of frame, but not the straight line,that is to say do not pick the too high or too flat frames. As for the frame you choose what style, it depends on your own preference.
  • William


    Keep in mind that think about frame color, shape and size in comparison with your face shape when you choosing a pair of glasses. People with oblong face need a pair of glasses that can add some extra width to the face to balance out your long thinner face shape and create a more oval appearance. So large square or round frames may flatter your face most. Decorative sides such as patterned or brightly colored may also help you to look more attractive. Small frames and perfect square frames are taboos for oblong face. Do not try them.
  • coppercoconut19


    The circular and square frame may be suitable for oblong face people. You can also try to choose some big, a bit of exaggeration, kind of glasses. It will make you look special and good. But it is worth to note that if the frame is too wider than your cheek, it will make your face look longer. So, you can choose oblate or curved lens with slightly thick glasses feet. This kind of glasses can weaken your long slender feeling.

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