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debby truax


How do you think of white eyeglasses?

How do you think of white eyeglasses? Is it popular? Or it is difficult to keep it always clean?
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  • Jada


    Nowadays, using different colors to decorate Rx eyeglass has become a common practice taken by many manufacturers. An obvious testimony to this trend and practical application is the huge variety of colored frames used in prescription eyeglasses, generating green glasses, yellow glasses, purple glasses, peach glasses, orange glasses and any other color that is imaginable. In particular, white as a special color has also been applied to the eyewear industry, bringing white eyeglasses. According to the theory about match-up between eyewear color and the wearer's coloring, eyeglass frames in colors like peach, orange and off-white are most suitable for people who have a warm personal coloring. Compared with off-white, white is a more neutral color and thus can go well with both the groups with a warm color base and a cool color base.
  • clam_i_am


    White is quite a bold color. If you have quite dark complexion, using white eyeglasses can pose a stark contrast and make a deep impression. Many celebrities like to adorn their face with a pair of white eyeglasses, such as Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, etc. And personally speaking, I am quite a fan of white eyeglasses. In my closet, I have two pairs always standing by for my patronage. And also if you are fair-skinned, no need to worry. White eyeglasses are also your type. They fit you just as well.

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