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Are big nerd glasses still in style in 2012?

I know nerd glasses are quite popular in 2012. Are they still in fashion? If so, where can i get them at low cost prices?
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  • Nat


    Of course, they are hot this year. nerd glasses are not dull items and they have become fashionable accessory. Many people whether they need vision aid or not wear big nerd glasses to show their good fashion taste. So, you can have a try at big nerd glasses. At present, glasses are not so expensive because more and more online eyeglasses stores sell various glasses at low cost prices, including big nerd glasses. You can google big nerd glasses and you will find many online stores. Sometimes, you may get free glasses from some online stores.
  • Victor


    Yes, big nerd glasses are never supplanted by fashion tides. They are still hot in 2012. Big nerd glasses can communicate to other viewer a sense of naivety and innocence, making their wearers all the more charming and adorable. Really a piece of work! If you feel like spicing up your already gorgeous image, you can add some fine ornaments on the frames, believe me, it won't fail you. Extra cool is kind of the adjective most suitable to describe it.
  • Luke shelley


    The advent of the big nerd glasses compliments the fashion feelings. Besides, people have totally different understanding about the traditional eyeglasses. With the exclusive and hot fashion class, big nerd eyeglasses catch every fashion lover's eyes. Surely they will still be fashion in this year. If you wanna a nice fashion try about the nerd glasses with reasonably low prices, you can find some good online eyeglass store such as

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