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Are low cost glasses in poor quality?

I want to buy some low cost prescription glasses. Are they in poor quality?
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  • shenglong lu


    According to our experience,things with low cost are in poor quality,but it is not certain when it comes to glasses,some good quality glasses are very cheap because of they are on sale or promotion.when we choose glasses,pay attention to quality ,not value. In our website,you can get the way to choose high quality glasses.
  • Erin


    Theoretically, Yes, it is. Low cost glasses often in poor quality except you find some good quality glasses are on sale or promotion. Even many shops preach their goods are low price with high quality, but I really don't believe them except I know it from my friends who used them. Eyes are very important in our life, as you are nearsighted now, I think you should buy glasses with good quality, or they will be bad for your eyes. You can buy them from exclusive shops or sites because there you can get glasses with guarantied quality and eye test service.
  • ezycome_ezygo


    low cost glasses do not mean poor quality. We all know that glasses industry is a high profit industry. However, I still advise you to go to a regular glasses store as following reasons. Firstly, regular store owns more professional optometrist. This is a very important factor which leads you to get the suitable glasses. Second, regular store has better after-sale service. You can be free to fix and maintain your glasses. By comprehensive consideration, it’s better to go to a regular store.
  • Mackenzie rose


    It is not absolute that low cost means poor quality. The quality is good or poor depends on many factors. The price of glasses not only been decided in the lens frame itself, as well as many other value-added. We look at the cost of an optical shop, if the higher the cost, and inevitably the higher of the price. But that does not mean that the quality of the glasses have a problem.When your are choosing glasses, the quality should be noted that these two questions: First, the top vertex (commonly known as degree) is qualified. Second, column axial deviation, the optical center of each level of difference, the optical center of the level of bias and the optical center vertical difference between each project eligibility.You should consider all the factors with the quality of glasses, the make a right choice.
  • Edward White


    my perspective on it is that you can just as easily buy a pair of glasses that made of high quality standards but do not cost you much. In some online stores, you don't need to pay for additional shop charges for the glasses, so you can buy low cost glasses online. When you buy low cost glasses on the internet, you must compare prices and offers of various sites before you take a decision. Do not randomly follow brands for your choice of glasses,attention and care are still required when choosing and identifying real quality ones. If you are careful enough ,you can buy an ideal one with cheap prices.

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