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Samuel rodney


Do you think blue contact lenses look wired?

I saw blue colored contact lenses online. It looks cool. Can i wear it? Will I look weird with it?
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  • Jeff


    If your contacts are dark blue and opaque, my suggestion is that you'd better not wear them because this kind of lenses is used in movies or in Halloween. But if your contacts are light blue and limpid, it's OK to wear them. And wearing them will make you cool.
  • cute_lil_ambie


    No, and it is really special and beautiful. The contact lenses can make people who wear glasses have a more convenient life, more beautiful as well. Normally, the contact lenses should be white, or we should say they're transparent. Though there are some people who have blue eyes naturally that only occupy a small percentage, the blue ones can make people to have a pair of more beautiful and deeper eyes, which seems like a cartoon character. And the person would be more charming and special, which can be easier remembered by others.
  • ecxsrkes


    I think the most important factor is to find the contact lenses that really suit you. Blue contact lenses are very cool to look and they're not wired. What's more, I think blue contact lenses are also really special in our daily life. It can show your personal taste. Therefore, you can definitely buy one pair of blue contacts. Hope this will help you.

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