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How long does it take to get rid of iritis?

I was diagnosed iritis. How long does it take to cure it?
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  • Alexia


    How long it will take to cure iritis depends on how severe your condition is and how much it improves with treatment. So, it's a little hard to say. However,we can know from most cases, that traumatic iritis usually will go away in 1~2 weeks, and nontraumatic iritis may last a little longer than that in several weeks or even several months, to get better, and if it is infectious iritis, it will get better as long as the infection is treated. The doctor will probably prescribe you some eye drops as the treatment, and if the symptoms cannot go away, you are supposed to be prescribed some pills or steroid injections around the eye. What you need to do is , follow the doctor's suggestion and take care of your eyes.
  • Caroline


    Well, so sorry to hear that you have got iritis which could be quite serious sometimes. Anyway, it requires effective and timely treatment. In the first place, you need some eye drops under the doctor's directions, if the problem is serious, it requires injections under the eyes. As to how long does it take to recover, it depends on your specific situation, but if everything goes well, maybe 2 weeks is ok. Try to keep your eyes clean and relaxed.
  • Chelsey


    Well, generally speaking, it is possible to have iritis for many people. And there are many causes such as trauma, inflammatory eye disease, or an eye infection can lead to iritis. And in common, it will just take one week to recover, if you have taken some measures. For the treatments, the anti-inflammatory cortisone eye drops are often used. By using them, it can relieve some of the pain; also, the drops can keep the pupil dilated to avoid it becoming scarred down. By the way, they are adherent to the focusing lens of the eye. Anyway, it can be helpful, you can have a try.