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What are the best sunglasses for short men ?

Do you have any suggestion? What types of sunglasses looks good on a short men? Or is there anyway that make me look cool?
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  • cazik


    What types of sunglasses you should choose depends on your face shape rather than your body height. As a male, you should choose the sunglasses with big lenses. If you have softer features, it is appropriate for you to wear sunglasses with sharp and defined designs. If you have slimmer and longer face, wear sunglasses with wide and short frame size. Besides, no matter what types of sunglasses you choose, you should remember that the quality counts the first while the style the second.
  • Elijah walker


    For a short man like you, proper accessories are essentially important in a way that can make you look taller and attractive. When you are buying sunglasses, you should first of all take your face shape into consideration. My opinion is that as for sunglasses wearing, face shape other than height determines which kind of sunglasses you should pick up. For example, if you have short face, narrow sunglasses will compliment the most. Apart from sunglasses, there are still some other accessories which can make you look taller. Slim belts which will help elongate your height are recommended. When choosing watches, you should remember that simple and slim ones are better that complicated and big ones.
  • Ethan edward


    Firstly, I think big size sunglasses with black frame can fit most people. They are always the first choices of many famous stars in Hollywood.Then, as far as I'm concerned, the choose of sunglasses, in most occasions, depends on the shape of your face.If your face is wide and chubby,big size glasses with wide frame are a good choice. The color of the glasses should be dark, as they can focus others' eyesight on the central part of your face, thus your face will looks more exquisite. As for squared face, big sized sunglasses with wide frame is suitable. Because it can soften the strong and hard impression of squared faces.You see, big sized sunglasses seems to be the first choices. Maybe it can make you more eye-catching.