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Does double vision correct itself?

It is so strange that i got double vision. Will double vision go away itself? Or shall i go to see a doctor?
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  • Eric Zago


    Double vision can be divided into short-term double vision and long-term double vision . The former one is usually not cause for worry. But if the double vision is long-lasting or keeps coming back, you should be more attention. Generally, treatments for double vision can include surgery, vision therapy, prism in the glasses prescription or medications. Wearing glasses,doing special exercises are also helpful. It's important to have a comprehensive eye exam to help determine the cause of the double vision as soon as possible. Sometimes, children are able to ignore double vision because their brain is able to deal with the problem by ignoring, or 'suppressing', one of the two images. More detailed information you can click the Web.
  • Christian scott


    There are six tiny muscles in our eyes controling the movement of the eyes. They together complete coordinating work one after another, which means if one of the muscles needs to contract, another one will expand. Therefore, if one muscle gets inflamed or are damaged from accident, these muscles cannot work so fluently. Double version thus may happen. If your double version is not severe, you need to check if you work too hard to make your eyes tired. Take a good rest and balance your diet, besides, you can do some eye exercise and eye massage. If the symptom of double version is not better then you may need to see a doctor to find out the reason of your double version and the therapy of treating it.
  • Aaron lewis


    Double vision is a serious eye disease. The orchestration of multiple areas of the vision system determine the movements of eyes. Double vision can be caused by stroke, glaucoma, cataracts and blurred vision. So solutions must be based on causes. It has known that double vision cannot be corrected by itself. Wearing special eye glasses will be the best choice to correct your double vision.