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Can being overweight cause droopy eyelids ?

Can i get droopy eyelids from overweight? Is this possible ? Anyway, how can i reduce my droopy eyelids?
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  • Kristin


    Bases on recent researches, droopy eyes are not related to overweight. The reasons of droopy eyelids are various and the illness involves ophthalmology, neurology and maybe endocrine. Adults' droopy eyelids are usually caused by myasthenia gravis, external ophthalmoplegia, accidents and so on. On the whole, droopy eyelids is not a simple problem. If your upper eyelids are droopy, it will first of all, affect your appearance, secondly, it will affect your eyesight. Up to now, I only know that to treat droopy eyelids, people need to have an operation. If your problem is not severe, you can do some massage, but if not, you may need to consult your doctor to find out the reason and therapy of it.
  • carolynx66


    Actually, the vital factor that causes droopy eyelids is aging. No matter how quality your skin are, when you are old, droopy eyelids will follow you. Overweight can cause swellings on eyes because fat are gathered on eyelids. In addition, overweight still leads to eye bags and dark circles under eyes. Sometimes sleep disorder may occur because of overweight. While sleep insufficiency is easily accompanied by eye disorders.