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Can graves disease cause blurred vision?

How can graves disease affect on our eyesight? Will it possible to cause blurred vision?
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  • eomer_byrom


    Once you get the graves, you will be bad at the eyesight. You may get the blurred vision which could be caused by the bad eyes nerves. The graves disease is also called eye type graves disease thyroid ophthalmopathy. It is the incidence of a disease in orbital diseases in the first place. This bilateral disease is often happened in middle-aged women. The ratio of men and women is for 1:3. The main pathological changes for the eye muscle hypertrophy and orbital fat content is in the slow increase. The thyroid disease clinical history may manifest as thyroid function hyperfunction normal or low. If you get the blurred vision because of graves disease, you could use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation to make eyes feel comfortable and better. In addition, you could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel moisture. You should keep the good diet for your protection of the eyes, getting away from the spicy food and other stimulating food.
  • Audrey


    For some people with Graves' disease, it will do some kind of damage to your eyes and affect our vision. Eye symptoms can occur before, at the same time, or after other symptoms of Graves' disease begin. We do not know why these eye problems occur. They are more common in people who smoke, and smoking makes eye symptoms worse. Eye problems often get better without treatment. It's possible to make your eyes blur for it often causing the eyeballs to bulge or protrude from their sockets. Besides, your eyes may feel achy, dry and irritated, that is because of the eyelids become unable to work well of sheltering the eyes from injury.
  • Bernice


    Graves' disease is one of the important autoimmune thyroid diseases to cause hyperthyroidism. Symptoms of graves' disease are heartbeat, muscle weakness, disturbed sleep, and irritability. Graves' disease also affects the eyes, causing bulging eyes. The skin, heart, circulation and nervous system may be damaged by graves' disease. Eye sight is possible to be affected by graves' disease. For instance, corneal exposure or optic nerve compression, double vision are most commonly due to graves' disease. At this time, an oculist is your best choice to turn to for help.