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Faith cook


Does double vision come and go?

In recent days, i get double vision now and then. Is this normal. I mean that double vision can come and go?
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  • walfor


    Double vision is a common eye problem which can take place now and then. So you do not need worry about it very much. If you get double vision and it disappear in not time, you do not need any treatment and just let it come and go. However, it your double vision keeps for a lone time, it means some problems may have appeared in the body. It has been approved that double vision can be the indicator of your physical problems of cornea, lens, muscle, nerve and even brain. If your double vision is connected with any of the above-mentioned problems, it will not in the least go itself. And you must get it treated in no time.
  • Alexander green


    Yes, the double vision can come and go if you have the good rest for the eyes and you have the healthy diet these days. That is to say, your cause of the coming bacterium is resisted by your inner body system because of the good diet and good rest. You need to pay attention to it and protect your eyes carefully. It is very helpful.
  • Dan Samberg


    Well, if your double vision just because of fatigue and alcohol, then it will be cured by itself. While, if not, double vision will never leave by itself. Double vision are commonly due to some basic eye problems, such as glaucoma, cataracts and pink eye. You can wear special eye glasses to correct your double vision. Also, medicines and surgery help with double vision, too.