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How to put contacts in with long eyelashes?

I have long eyelashes. But i hate it every time when i wear contact lenses. Can you give me some suggestions on wearing contact lenses for people with long eyelashes?
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  • Joseph bell


    So as you can see, sometimes people with small eyes would find it hard to put in contact lenses, and you have got long eyelashes, I know they are charming. However, if you want to be successful in wearing contact lenses, you have to figure out ways, so, why don't you try to use a stick to help you, which is usually accompanied with the contacts case.
  • Justin fergus


    Yeah, if you have long eyelashes, you had better choose the contacts instead of glasses, because the eyelash will brush against your glasses when you try to blink. I think it will be a piece of cake for you to put on your contacts even though your eyelashes are long. First just use your left middle finger just to press your eyelashes flat against your forehead whatever or something others that the eyelashes will not stop the contacts getting into your eyes. Secondly, then push your down eyelid with your right middle finger, at the same time, pls just insert your loved contacts with your right index finger. Pls keep in mind that making sure your eyelashes don’t go into your eyes afterwards, otherwise, you will feel your eyes are easily hurt. In addition, you can just ask your friends or your mom to help you put the lenses into your eyes without getting your long eyelashes getting in the way. Hope my suggestions help you.
  • chosen_cookie


    You could just use the hands to open your eyes big with pressing the eyelashes to the side. Thus, the contact lenses will be easily worn. You could have a try. With the contact lenses and long eyelashes, you will look so charming at the eyes. Your eyes will be so attractive which will be big and shining.